*Free Bus* to Gijipo for Volunteers

Volunteering literally takes one or two hours (max) and is a great experience to see how Burn events are run. These jobs are seriously very chill and do not take you away from the fun of the event. In fact, it is rewarding to know that you helped the first big Korea Burn! Everything at Korea Burn is a gift to you; we don’t want your money, we want your creativity and community, your love of sharing and making people smile.

If you still need a ride to Gijipo, our Volunteer bus will leave Bucheon at 8pm, Itaewon at 9pm, and Sanbon at 9:45pm this FRIDAY (returning Sunday at 6p) and is FREE to volunteers.

There are several volunteer positions we need help with:

1. Center Camp: Work with several other volunteers meeting burners at our Center Camp and answer questions or direct people to the right person. 10am-2am.

2. Ranger: Work with a professional Burner Ranger to learn how Burn events are run smoothly and some tactics to help maintain peace and help other Burners enjoy the community around the 10 Principles. You will also be front of the crowd during the fire conclave show and the burning of the men by maintaining the crowd to a safe perimeter.

3. Medic: On-call or just an hour at the medic tent, we need people to help with minor injuries and be around to call for Emergency.

4. Parking: Help people get settled!

5. Festival Fairy: Find people who are shy or excluded and introduce them to some new friends! Easy and you can do this all festival!

All volunteer positions end at 10pm on Saturday except for Center Camp.

Sunday Volunteers:

6. MOOP Patrol! Clean the beach!

7. Center Camp: See above, 10am-12pm

Please send your applications and inquires to JackTuxedoKat@me.com

Thank you all. This event is going to be epic and it is because of you! Thank you for your love and support!

Quick FAQ

What Is Burning Man?

Burning Man is a huge festival that runs for a week in the desert of Nevada. This event is only a tribute. In essence, it’s a beach party that celebrates creativity, self-expression, and radical community outside of a commercial setting. There is no “concert lineup” or “entertainment program”; it’s as organic and unscheduled as possible. If you’ve never been to a Burn, you’re not really gonna get it til you get here…so just come!

Check out our Survival Guide, list of registered theme camps, and 10 Principles to get a better picture of what you’re in for.

What Do You Mean By “Non-Commercial”?

Korea Burn runs on a gift economy. There is absolutely no currency exchanged within the boundaries of the Burn. The theme camps – bars, kitchens, crafts, performances, lounge spaces, services, lessons, gifts – are all free. The idea is that everyone brings something to share (although it’s fine to just bring yourself), so everyone’s needs are met. Absolutely no one should make any money from this event.

What Do You Mean By “Radical Community”?

Take care of yourself and others, treat strangers like friends, and keep your heart and mind open to whatever funky silly weirdness you might encounter!


The event is free, but you need to email us an application in order to get a ticket. The application is a contract that helps us ensure everyone is familiar with the rules. Tickets will be emailed to applicants on September 4th and 6th, so get your app in before then! Scroll down to page 3 in the application doc for English. You can get tickets at the gate, but you’ll have to hang back to fill out the application and have an informational talk with the Greeters while your ticket-holding friends dance on ahead of you.

What Do I Bring? 

There are no pensions or water/electricity hookups (outside of generators for the DJs) on Gijipo Beach. Bring your own tent or sleeping bag, food, water, drinks, a cup for partaking in others’ drinks, ticket, ID card, and trash bags (leave no trace!). Also recommended: headlight or flashlight, bugspray,  sunblock, toilet paper, condoms?, portable ashtray if you’re a smoker, jacket for the chilly night, umbrella. There are a few small stores and markets 10 minutes away, but we suggest that to respect the spirit of this event, you do not leave the Burn area until you depart for good.

How Else Can I Contribute?

You can come without any supplies other than what’s listed above, but we encourage you to bring something to share or give – whether that be extra food/water/booze, a musical instrument, art supplies, a theme camp, an art installation, small gifts, a talent to perform or teach, volunteer time, or any other way you would like to express yourself and contribute to this community of sharing and caring.

Where Can I Buy/Rent a Tent?

Gmarket has ridiculously cheap tents like this one and these. They ship in two days, but they’re difficult to purchase if you don’t already have the authentication software required, so we recommend giving cash to a Korean friend and asking them to purchase it for you. Homeplus carries tents too, and Starcamp rents out nice ones.

If you arrive without a tent, you can stay up all night or crash on the beach, in a new friend’s tent, or in one of the cuddle/rest theme camps…but we recommend you at least bring a blanket or sleeping bag.

How Do I Get There?

You can take a public bus to Anmyeong and then a 10-minute taxi to the beach, join one of the buses organized by Wink, or jump onto one of the various other buses being organized.

Wait, If This Is a Free Festival and Nothing Is Sold, How Are We Paying For Basic Needs?

We’re relying on you! Please help us make this a success by donating to our kickstarter. There will also be a donation box at the Burn.

What’s Not Allowed?

Selling anything, fighting, being an asshole, providing drugs, and/or not picking up after yourself. Gijipo is a national park that Korea has been gracious to let us use, but if we damage it or leave a mess or have a safety issue, we will probably not be welcomed back next year. There might be a couple cops out of uniform present.

“Leave No Trace?” 

One of the core values of Burning Man festivals is to leave no trace behind – no evidence that the festival was ever there. Gijipo is a national park, and we need to leave it spotless! Please take time before you depart on Sunday to pick up every piece of trash you can find. Bring trash bags! Smokers, bring something to use as a portable ashtray.

From the Organizers of Korea Burn: Shin & Katlyn & Our Team

You may have been friended by a profile named “Korea A Burn” who is using our logo and our identity. They are doing this without our permission or collaboration. Please make sure you’re getting your information straight from us!

Korea Burn, aka Chung Shinyeob, Katlyn Wyllie and other team members, have worked for months getting permission from Gijipo Beach, local police, and Regional Burning Man committee; designed logos, websites, blogs, videos; researched public bus routes, private travel agencies… all so we could share a festival with Korea that has changed our lives in one way or another. This project is important to us and we want you to have the same experience.

FALSE IDENTITY. This is not anyone apart of Korea Burn and they are illegally using our logos.

Theme Camp Application

Want to tell the burners about your Theme Camp? Please fill out this application before September 3rd.


Keep Your Wallet in Your Tent

I hope you have read the ten principles of Korea Burn to really understand what it is we are trying to bring to Korea. The original Burning Man has been operating on these ten principles since the beginning and although they remain the same from country to country, the cultures and understanding of them can cause a bit of a hick-up. Let’s focus on rule #3:

In order to preserve the spirit of gifting, our community seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. We stand ready to protect our culture from such exploitation. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience.

In other words, selling (making a profit) or bartering (trading) any items, food, or services is strictly prohibited. The culture of Korea Burn is a “gifting” economy where everyone brings what they need for themselves and then something to share with their community. This is the part of Burning Man that makes it completely different from any other festival or gathering in the world: everything is a gift and people want to share it.

In Dust We Trust

The Potential Problem

Korea Burn is being held in Gijipo Beach National Park which has an open perimeter… meaning anyone with a product can come in and set up selling water, alcohol, energy drinks and we can only imagine what else. Of course, you have the choice of whether or not to purchase these items from a person trying to use and abuse the community we have worked so hard to keep pristine.

The KoreaBurn Solution

But before you run to your tent to grab your wallet, just remember that the spirit of the Korea Burn is to keep faith in your community; to trust that your community won’t leave you thirsty, hungry, without shade, without entertainment, and without love. There will be plenty of Theme Camps and individual burners giving away food, water, art, and entertainment that you won’t need to pull your wallet out of your hiding spot in the back of your pack (sorry if I gave it away).

Also, some big (drink/food) corporations may find a way to sneak products into Korea Burn by giving it away for free. Giving it away is all good fun and all but pushing one product on our community is marketing and still against Principle #3.

We can’t stop people from trying to use our event to make money or market their product but we can not support them by giving them our money or attention. Keep your money safe… spend it before or after the burn! 🙂

KickStarter! Let’s do this!

Korea Burn is a free event centered around the idea of gifting. At no point will anything be bartered or sold at our event. Instead, we are trying to encourage a community where everyone is self-reliant and has a desire to share a gift with the whole!

KoreaBurn 2012 KickStarter

With the amount of love, support, and interest from the burners and want-to-be burners alike here in South Korea, what started as a small festival has grown to something beyond the KoreaBurn team’s wildest imagination! More people… means more potties, more medical supplies, more water, more generators, more tents… which aren’t free.

Please check out how you can give to our festival to help make it a legend! Also, you get cool stuff 😉

Even my mom has shared this with her friends!

Preparation Check List ~ PRINT ME!!!

Get Involved: Theme Camps!

Theme Camps are like a box of cereal with a toy on the inside, they add a little bit of fun to an already awesome festival with specific ways people can express themselves and add to the community. Remember… everything is a gift, nothing is sold! No money required!

Camp Sodi-Yum: Giving away salty sodas

Theme Camps can range anywhere from practical: music, artistic/creative vision, project or class camps; to silly and fun: “Lick My Muffin” camp or “Giant Hat Society Camp.” Each Theme Camp will have a time when it will be open for demonstration. Please check your BURN ITINERARY when you arrive to the festival for Theme Camp happenings.

~~**~~ You have two roles as a burner at Korea Burn: 1.) Participate as a spectator and/or 2.) Get involved as a camp member. ~~**~~
Decorate your tent and dress up for your Theme Camp!

Here are some ideas for this year’s silly, fun, and necessary theme camps:

Dirty Hogwan ~ A place where Korean burners can come and learn about selective English such as curse words, innuendos, double entendres, pick up lines etc and Foreign Burners can learn the same in Korean.

Korean Drinking Camp ~ Ever wonder what Korean college students do on the weekends? Learn first hand the fun and ridiculous drinking games of the rising Korean youth!

Treasure Camp ~ There will be a lot happening around Korea Burn this year, this camp will encourage you to find, collect, and bring back some trinkets of the festival in a treasure hunt!


Flow Arts Funk Odyssey (FAFO) ~ PVC and tape = HULA HOOPs! Make your own hula-hoop and then stick around for a few lessons from the Mistress of the Hoop: Kali!

  • Camp Leader ~~ Kali ~~ K_deno@hotmail.com
  • SATURDAY 4pm – 6pm

Garden of Glow ~ Bar and Live Music Lounge: Kick the night off with a drum circle/open floor jam session. Bring your your guitars, poetry, drums, tamborines, and dancing shoes to the Garden of Glow. As the sun sets, the neon vibes will be a flowin. Grab a drink from the open bar and take the stage with your acoustic performance. Fire dancing and group participation is encouraged.

  • Theme Camp Leaders: Johnny Question & Lainey McGrew
  • SATURDAY 6pm until supplies last 🙂

Community Breakfast & Cocktails ~ Cure those hangover blues with a bangin’ breakfast burrito and a little hair of the dog. Screwdrivers and Soju Sunrises will be served to start the morning off right!

  • Theme Camp Leaders: Johnny Question & Lainey McGrew
  • SUNDAY 11am – 1pm

Lick My Muffin ~ Well, a camp to have your choice of eating or licking a muffin of your choosing.

  • Camp Leader ~~ Ripul ~~ Contact at ripul.jupiter56@gmail.com
  • SUNDAY @ 1pm-3pm

First Aid Camp ~ Not everything is silly, so this camp is here for the times when we need a little bit more help. Water, vitamins, sun lotion, medicine, CPR… please stop by this camp if you have any medical experience and would like to gift a bit or your time to help people in need.

  • Various leaders
Group Chanting at Burning Man ::aka:: “Monkey Chant”

~~~ Some practical Theme Camp ideas ~~~

1. Music ~ DJ, Band, Acoustic, Guitar/Bongos ;)

  • A. We are trying to organize a few generators for musicians to display their talents. As a community, we will be raising money fund this theme camp.

2. Flow Arts ~ Poi, Staff, Hoop, etc ~ LED, Fire

  • A. Fire Conclave

3. Meditation ~ Yoga/Meditation Session

  • A.

4. Food/Bar ~ Bake some cookies or open a bar of water/alcohol…

  • A.

5. Costumes ~ Contests? Best costume for a prize?

  • A.
Camps also serve or teach how to make certain food

Offical Burning Man reading on Theme Camps

What is Korea Burn? aMUSTread :D

Getting excited for the Korea Burn? A little bit confused, overwhelmed, or just want to know what the heck it is we are trying to do? Jimmer Jordan has made this lovely PDF for your enjoyment and understanding that is Korea Burn!

Burn This (PDF)


Websites, Buses, & More!

So much has happened in just one week!

The Korea Burn crew has been working literally around the clock to make this week’s update exciting!

1.) The steel frame for our man (two men) has been constructed at Hongik University. You can help add wood to the steel frame on the beach at the Korea Burn festival on September 8 around noon. Facebook Event.

2.) Wondering about Korea Burn? We have posted the Korean & English websites for your information. Inform yourself!

3.) WINK (When in Korea) has gifted a few bus and pension options at minimal costs to help the Burn community make it to the festival and/or have a place to crash if they don’t have or choose not to stay at the festival in a tent. Of course you still have the option to get to the festival via public transportation.

4.) Fisher Kim has been working hard on a teaser video for this year’s burn. Check it out! Leave a comment!

5.) Interested in organizing or help organize a theme camp? Come to Sunday’s meeting at Sam Ryan’s pub in Itaewon at 3pm. Contact Johnny Question!